A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


To run the game, simply open fourest.pde in Processing 3. You can get
Processing from https://processing.org. Older versions probably don't work but
it won't hurt to try.

If it complains about missing images, try manually adding the image files from the .zip (the *.png files) to the processing sketch once it's open.


A two-button "action" "platformer!"

Use the 'a' and 'z' keys to give hints to the AI. If it gets stuck, change the
AI mode with TAB. Collect the powerups to upgrade your abilities:

fins -- swim freely in water
rope -- climb on vines
torch -- see farther
satchel -- harvest and plant vines (keep one vine at a time in your inventory)
bucket -- draw and pour water (keep a bit at a time in your inventory)
shovel -- dig and place dirt (keep one block at a time in your inventory)
pick -- mine out stone

key -- unlock the door to the next level

Each level has two doors: a locked door leading further down and an unlocked
door leading back upwards.

Keep in mind that the orb's thought-bubble tells you a bit about what the AI is
thinking. Sometimes it's useful to tell the AI to reevaluate its current goal
using the '!' item.

Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip folder, then open the .pde file with Processing 3. If it complains about missing images you might have to manually add the .png files in the .zip to the processing project.


fourest.zip 29 kB